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What makes Granato's special?
In 1948, Frank Granato the son of Italian immigrants, established his business




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Mama Francesca Linguine the long pasta isn’t flat like fettuccine, or round like spaghetti, but elliptical in shape. Linguine means “little tongues” in Italian. They originated in the Italian coastal region of Liguria,

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When and How to Eat Pasta

First off, the when to eat pasta question is a trick of sorts because quite honestly there isn’t a wrong time to eat pasta.  Any day of the week for any meal or any occasion is a great time to indulge...



Nine Fun Facts About Italian Food

Here are some fun facts to share with your family around a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs tonight….



Kitchen Must Haves for Italians and Those Who Love to Eat Italian Food

Whether you have honed your skills in culinary school, learned at the side of your nonna or you simply love the idea of making your own Italian cuisine at home, here are ten essentials to you must have in your kitchen to get the job done right.



Unique Uses for Kitchen Tools

The food is great, but how can you go wrong with an Italian sandwich? The grocery selection is top notch.

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